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Driving in rain and floods at this time of year can be hazardous. Floating debris can block drains and cause flash flooding, and if you drive through any amount of standing water it is vital to test your brakes to displace any trapped water.
Vehicles can be more prone to breakdown in wet weather, but there are some steps you can take to prevent this ...
Slowdown Your tyres are designed to displace water away from the centre, allowing the tyre to remain in contact with the road. Correct tread depths and tyre pressure are crucial in the wet. If you drive too quickly then the tyre does not have time to work effectively and the vehicle can slip or skid (this is called aquaplaning).
Grease or oil on the road surface raises to the surface of the water, making it harder for the tyres to grip the road surface. Therefore, you should use greater stopping distances and allow extra time to your journey for traffic build-up.
Avoid deep/standing water A common problem at this time of year is engine failure due to driving through deep standing water. This is likely to be very costly to repair, and combined with electrical problems caused by deep water it can even make the vehicle uneconomical to repair!
Drivers must be aware that unless they can prove to an insurer that the damage occurred to the vehicle was not the driver’s fault the insurer will not pay for such repairs. Therefore, avoid standing water wherever possible - it’s a simple solution to a costly problem. And remember, even shallow-looking puddles can hide potential hazards, such as potholes.
In high wind beware There are many hazards associated with driving in high winds, so plan your journey and choose a sheltered route if possible. Exposed areas will be prone to sudden gusts, which can catch you out, and driving past large vehicles can result in a gust as you clear the vehicle. Therefore, you should give other road users room and remain at a safe distance, as they may also be caught off-guard. Get your car checked at Hanstons Did you know that your wiper blades should be checked regularly and replaced approximately once a year?
Hanstons performs a free winter check for customers, making sure their vehicle is ready for bad weather driving. Are all your lights working and beams set correctly? Hanstons’ checks include lights, wheels, tyres and pressures as well as all liquid levels (Coolant washer fluid etc). The team will advise you if anything requires attention or replacing. Then you can be assured that you and your vehicle will be ready for the winter weather. 



Wet Weather

  Driving in rain and floods at this time of year can be hazardo... read more.


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